While Eindhoven (the Netherlands) based, we engage in participatory research all over the world, building a bridge between the science and design aspects of our mission. We are currently engaging in an ‘Anthroponix Test Kitchen’ project in Eindhoven. Check out our previous work in Hong Kong and follow us for updates for the Dutch Design Week 2018 and other interesting upcoming projects.

Ongoing events

Citizen Science Project Eindhoven

We are organising the second edition of a citizen science project for testing out our ‘Anthroponix’:
renewable hydroponics adopted for home use in the Netherlands. We are inviting 15 people interested in reconnecting their body in meaningful ways with biological circulations and closing their nutrient cycle. Kick-off meeting is 12 May at Groendomein Wasven in Eindhoven.

12 May 2018 10am t/m 14 Juli 2018 11am, Groendomein Wasven, Eindhoven.

DDW 2018 Eindhoven The Netherlands

More info coming soon…

20 October 11am t/m 28 October 6pm 2018, Strijp Area Eindhoven.

Previous events

Citizen Science Project Hong Kong

A collaboration of designers, microbiologists and horticulturists lead up to this craft-oriented citizen science project in spring 2017. Through an open call, 22 planting enthusiasts in Hong Kong engaged in exploring the possibility of closing their food loop over a two-month period. In wake of the system’s humbling, technical shortcomings, the intentional biophysical link between person and plant was intensified. This shared, more-than-human precariousness provided an
unintended springboard for participants’ creativity, sociability and imagination. This Anthroponix project was made possible with the generous support from Design Trust (Ambassadors of Design) in Hong Kong and the Creative Industries NL in Rotterdam.

1 April 2pm 2017 t/m 13 May 3 pm 2017. Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.